Poetry is the medium through which I live, breath and think. To read a little more about my affinity with this genre, click through to my bio.

What follows is a small sample of my poetry comprising both partial and full poems. If you like what you see and you want to see more or you want to purchase a copy of a poem or an anthology, do please contact me. Otherwise, simply enjoy.

my saving grace

katie flaxman

my saving grace

Clamouring through the mayhem and chaos

With senses drowned and numbed by confusion

We desperately seek a course

And try to fight a way through

But find obstruction in every direction


Options seem only to be; keep fighting

Or be dragged along in conformity

Watching life pass us by


Occasionally we are goaded by the surrealism of reaching an empty clearing

But see only tangled paths ambiguously strewn over distant hilltops


And then we are thrown back into turmoil

When the seemingly secure unexpectedly transforms

Without chance or warning


We are propelled by a yearning to fulfil youthful dreams

And growing ambitions

But restricted by not only social impositions

But moral private duties


And yet


No matter how rough the sea

There is always a rock


A rock that stands steady in the torrent

And triggers a stillness and calm that clears the raging water

To reveal the teaming exquisite reef below


An unswerving force that grounds emotion

And brings clarity to an unruly outlook


A constant that forgives easily, judges never

And creates simplicity in the seemingly most complex disorder


The sun may emulate a delighted mood

A great mind may set order into chaos

And a glowing fire may lift melancholy spirits

But few single entities can faultlessly do all three


I know of only one

why should we care?

For every insect that crawls or river that flows, we build up an army of thousands of foes

We hack and we chop. We burn and we flood. We build and we flatten. Turn forests to mud.

With thoughts cruel and careless or no thoughts at all, we watch as we cause populations to fall

We infect like a virus with fumes and with smog but ignore the effects on bat, fish or hog.

But we love the animals, yes really, we do, give money to guide dogs and feed stray cats too.

We take quite an interest in the lab down the street, help out at a shelter and hardly ever eat meat.

Trouble is, this extinction, it’s up on the rise and the things that we’re losing aren’t really surprised

They hide from us quietly and go one way of two;


Live like a human or die?


Yes please do.


Those that live with us and eat out of our trash, become pests and frustrations like germs or a rash

Our cables they chew on and gardens they roam but your bricks and your mortar were once their oak tree called home.

Think of a world where you talk to your daughter. You describe lapwings flying or turtles in water

Koalas surveying from textured gum trees or red squirrels finding their acorns in leaves

Think of a world where all you describe are just pictures in text books, not really alive

Things that you saw and will always remember but things that our children will have to surrender.

Conservationists? Well, it makes them quite mad. I personally think, that it’s just rather sad.

That all it would take to keep all life living are things that really don’t cost us in giving

A change in awareness, in attitude and grace, transformed into actions that could slow down the pace.

Halt the extinction, keep species intact. Give all those great creatures a chance to react.

“Why should we care? Stop preaching!” you cry

So I will try in my way to form a reply.

When the last bird has sung, last glider is dead. Last plant has wilted, last tree rested its head. 


All will go quiet and we will become vexed. As a voice whispers softly,


“Do you know that you’re next?”


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