The Forest of Sleep is a deeply relaxing and unique children's meditation. It uses beautiful storytelling combined with meditation techniques to help your child fall into a deeply relaxing sleep.

Aimed at both boys and girls and designed to be used at bedtime, your child will follow Sam on his journey from his familiar bedroom into a beautiful forest. There he encounters many magical creatures who help him on his journey to restful sleep.


Overwhelmed children? Mindfulness magic is a unique combination of intelligent storytelling and mindfulness techniques to help bring children to a place of stillness.

A short mindfulness practice of only ten minutes, it is short enough to both hold children's attention and slot easily into their day.

It can currently be listened to for free via the Insight Timer App.


If you keep your heart open, life brings you all kinds of wonderful abundance. My life has brought me the, nothing short of magical, meditation company, Aluna Moon.

My collaboration with them on their new series of children's meditation and mindfulness tracks has been a journey of both professional and self discovery.

Their vision and our aim is to combine the art of storytelling with the practice of meditation to create something new and unique. We are just setting out on our path together but so far the results are exciting, powerful and beautiful.

So whether you're a parent looking for a gentle way to help your child sleep or an adult with an inner child requiring a little calming magic, step inside our worlds and take a few moments to really connect with mind, body and soul.