Children's Books

"Be kind. Believe the impossible. Fill your life with colour. Dream your dreams and take bold and beautiful steps towards them. You are everything and more than you need to be."


A curious boy walks past the only yellow house on his street and asks his mother "who lives inside?"

Her answer is both beautiful and surprising. The Yellow House is an uplifting story about being who you are and in doing so, not being afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The Yellow House is a picture book with a heart. It's rhyming nature and beautiful illustration by talented artist Frances McShane will delight both children and adults alike.



The moving story of a girl and her dad, their adventures together and her search to find him when one day she wakes up and he isn't there.

This is beautiful tale of hope, family and carrying love in your heart.


Books bring with them the most precious gift of all; the gift of imagination.

From books, children can learn about the world around them, relationships and love. More than this though, they can begin to understand the utter joy of words.


The secret glossary contained in the pages of each book, helps children embrace the wonder of language and open a new world of linguistic possibilities.