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what i write...

My two greatest loves are of children's literature and poetry. Both were passions born in childhood and have informed a great deal of my adult life and of course, my writing. Most of what I write, be it poetry or prose, holds more than a little resemblance to these two styles.

Links can be found below to the various genres within my portfolio of work. I do hope that perhaps something in one of them rings a bell in your heart that still echoes in mine


children's books

Second only to the act of writing itself, my first love is of children's literature; 

specifically picture books. I eat, sleep and breathe children's books. Every shelf in my home is adorned with them and I can say with some certainty that I have learned more about life, being human and joy from them than any other genre of book. Children's books for me are about laughter and nonsense, raw emotion and deep, unconditional love. They are a place to escape, adventure, learn and play. I write them because that's what makes my heart sing and I hope that somewhere in the crumbled pages of my work, that just one child might learn what makes their heart sing too.


If it isn't a children's book in my home, it's probably a poetry book. I have written poetry since childhood, I continue to write poetry and I am yet to imagine a time where poetry will not flow from my pencil. 

It is scattered in every corner of my home; four line poems I wrote aged six, are tucked neatly into notepads alongside poems I wrote last week and tattered scraps of paper harbour ideas for my next verse. For a long time, I wrote in this style only for my eyes but overtime my confidence to share my poetry has grown. My hope is now, that maybe, just for a while, one of my poems might share a corner of your home too.

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commercial writing

Writing a regular blog for a landscape architecture company has allowed me to channel one of my great loves; the natural world. Writing in this way has given me the freedom to both target a new audience and develop new ways of putting words together. A link to the blog can be found here.

In addition to this, I wrote for many years personalised poems for events and occasions. This is now something that rarely forms part of my day to day work but it forms part of my portfolio as it has played an important role in my literary career so far both in developing my writing and in growing my confidence to share my work.